I had several topics to choose from but something happened last night which made my need for justice burn within me.  I was kicked out of a Facebook support group for anxiety, depression and agoraphobia for posting something about homeless people on my own wall (my wish that no one was left outside suffering in the awful weather we have been having).  I was given no warning, although I can only assume this is because the person knew she had no valid reason and would have to face up to her own prejudice.

The irony of this being that she is the sole admin in a group for people suffering with mental health difficulties and she has caused my anxiety levels to rise and I have been left feeling very low.  I have no closure, there irons nothing right in the way this person has behaved.

Closure, right and wrong, justice – these are all important issues for an Aspie. It is very difficult not to think about a situation until closure is reached. It leads to a feeling of unrest and disquiet as there is insufficient understanding as to why the situation has happened.  This in turn leads to overthinking and becoming overwhelmed. In some cases, certainly in mine, it can increase anxiety and exacerbate depression (and agoraphobia). Of course, feeling like this I would have turned to the group…okay, do you see how this leads to a downward spiral without closure?

If you are Aspie, it is perfectly okay to need closure but be aware that it isn’t always possible. The difficulty being, what do you do when you can’t reach that point? I can only recommend that talking things through with an understanding person and finding something positive to focus on instead can help, hopefully enough to feel more positive.

I have a very black and white way of thinking, particularly when it comes to right and wrong. I have a need for justice. However, I have had to learn that others may not share this need or have such a strong sense of right and wrong.  This can leave me feeling frustrated and confused. I have to find positive strategies to help me cope, such as writing, drawing or listening to music. It doesn’t end the need for closure but at least I can aim to feel calmer about an injustice caused. So, if you need me I shall be writing whilst listening to music and then drawing!

Many thanks for reading 😊


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